Rafting in Kaligandaki River
Rafting in Kaligandaki River is considered to be the challenging one but is one of the demanded river rafting trips in Nepal. The river was named as much-revered goddess Kali and descending from the deepest gorge in Asia. This fabulous river Kaligandagi offers a mixture of astounding mountain views and pure adrenaline with a full immersion into the wilderness. This river brings the water of 108 Kunda (religious spouts) from Muktinath in lower Mustang. It is one of the most worshipped pilgrimage sites in the Himalayas. Mustang is a pre-historic site that poses fossil of ancient marine creatures and sometime it's found in the river beds down below. Kaligandaki River rafting gives you such a pleasure of combination of adventure along with the spiritual aspect as this river is named after the goddess Kali. While having rafting trip in this River, you also can explore the unique culture of people residing near the River.

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