Recommended Medical Kit
It is very necessary and almost mandatory to have medical kits with you during the course of the trekking in Nepal. As Nepal is a mountainous country, most of the trekking terrains and trails in the nation are uneven and at higher altitude. Many of the popular trekking itineraries and destinations in Nepal are above 4000 or 5000 meters of altitude. Because of these facts, the prospective trekkers might have to come across several seen and unseen challenges and problems during the course of the trekking and other activities in Nepal. Hence, it is always recommended to carry a medical kit if in case anything happens. The problem of high altitude sickness is very common amongst both domestic and international trekkers. As it is a frequently encountered problem, one needs to be very careful about the problem and also regarding the ways to encounter them. For all the above mentioned things and problems, an emergency medical kit is very much necessary during trekking in Nepal.
A general medical kit for trekking is provided by the trekking company which looks after your travel itinerary. Hence, the trekkers won’t have to be worried about the medical kit. If they want, they can of course bring their own small set of medical kit including thermometer, first aid kits and other stuffs. However, it is not necessary. Medical kit provided by the trekking company generally includes things like thermometer to check the body temperature, instrument to measure blood pressure and heart rate, general first aid kit if any accident of minor magnitude happens. Medical kit is very much important during high altitude trekking in Nepal as it helps to address the immediate problem faced by the trekker, so that they ate stable and if need be they can rushed to nearby hospital or medical center for more comprehensive medical attention. Artificial respiratory resuscitation is also carried by some of the trekking companies as it is very handy to treat the case of high altitude sickness through the device.
Along with the other stuffs that are needed for trekking and other adventure related activities, medical kit is also hence very important as it helps to save the lives of the trekkers and adventure seekers in case of emergency. It is also very important for the credibility of the respective trekking company and no any company or the trekkers themselves should take any risk regarding the medical kit and it importance in times of dire need.

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